Altitude Sickness | High Altitude Motosports

People from all over the world travel to the Colorado Rockies for vacations in Vail and the surrounding towns, but it's no fun when your plans for outdoor activities are halted because you or someone you've traveled with suffers from a bout of altitude sickness. So, what is altitude sickness? When your body is used [...]

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ATV vs UTV- What you need to know

ATV vs UTV? A quick comparison. Trail riding in the Colorado mountains is a favorite of many locals and visitors, but what's the best power sport machine to use on those trails? Are you going to have the most fun on an ATV or in a UTV? With all the power sport options out there nowadays, [...]

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Valentine’s Day in Vail

Valentine's Day in Vail Thinking about heading to the Colorado high country this Valentine's Day? There's no comparison to making the beautiful Rocky Mountains as the perfect backdrop to your romantic getaway. Check out this list of our favorite things to do for Valentine's Day in Vail, CO to help you make the perfect romantic memories [...]

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