Vail Dirt Bike Rental – 2016 Husqvarna FC 501

///Vail Dirt Bike Rental – 2016 Husqvarna FC 501
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Vail Dirt Bike Rental – 2016 Husqvarna FC 501

To rent this dirt bike, use the calendar below to book your day(s).   There are a total of 1 bikes in our inventory and the calendar will let you know if they are available as you add them to your cart.

Single day dirt bike rentals $200

Multi day dirt bike rentals are $200 per day.  There is a $50 discount applied to the total for rentals of 3 or more days.  You may book up to 14 days in a row.

Please call us at (970) 445-0986 if you are having troubles booking your dirt bike rental or should you have questions as we are happy to assist!

Product Description

Want to stay ahead of your buddies on the trails of Vail then this is the machine for you. Whether you visit the many trails Colorado has to offer, go to the sand dunes, or hit one of the many motocross tracks this is the machine for you.

Husqvarna’s 2016 FE 501 was built with the serious off-road enthusiast in mind. 510cc of power, and a 38-inch seat height differentiate this Husqvarna in what has become a highly competitive segment of the motorcycle market. Built in Austria but ridden the world over, the FE 501 was designed to be taken straight off the showroom floor and ridden away from the truck and into the elements – a 2.5-gallon tank provides fuel for the journey. Of course, a wide variety of mods for the FE 501 are available through a number of aftermarket companies in order to help you fine-tune this Husqvarna to your exact liking, although some of these changes may render it a competition-only machine.

Husqvarna has a strong brand history in the sport of off-road, dating back to the days when legends like Malcolm Smith and JN Roberts used to rip these machines through the desert. Today, bikes like the $10,199 2016 FE 501 continue that signature Husky legacy with a blend of great engine performance, predictable handling, and suspension that can be made to work really, really well with just a little fine-tuning. There are plenty of riders and racers out there who want KTM-like performance without swimming with the orange crowd; if this sounds like you, then a new Husqvarna is an excellent choice.

Dirt Bike Rental Details

You must be 18 or older to rent any equipment, or have parental consent. All rentals come with helmets, and trailer if needed. We have full-day rentals at $200/day, and multiday rental package discount of $50 off the total for 3 or more days.  If you wish to book a half day please call us at (970) 445-0986  We rent out:

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